The right accessories for all Cortex flooring

Our flooring includes all adhesives, oils, varnishes, tools and care products you need to lay and look after your Cortex flooring. Of course, all products are perfectly matched to our parquet and quick-fit parquet flooring. Here is just a small selection of products.

Cortex Zubehör

For a complete list of all accessories, please consult your specialist dealer. He or she will tell you which Cortex products are most suitable for your floor.



Protection and care

To get the most out of your floor for many years to come, you should take care of it correctly from the outset.


Here you can find skirting boards made from cork or solid wood with cork veneer.

Cork underlayment

Cork is the ideal underlay for quick-fit parquet flooring and laminate. Because it is elastic yet very stable and supportive.



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