Advanteges this natural product has to offer:

Cork is...











wonderfully warm under foot

highly elastic and easy on the joints



easy to maintain

antibacterial and hygienic, recommended for allergy sufferers

thermally insulating to save heating costs

impact sound absorbing up to 20 dB

suitable for underfloor heating

a pure natural product made of renewable materials.


Cork parquet

cork: hard work valuable yield

For up to 200 years, the cork oak yields the most valuable raw material that nature has to offer humankind. The renewable bark, the cork, is harvested every ten years. For our quality fl oors, we use cork from the large Portuguese and Spanish cork oak forests.


The bark and waste bark from bottle cork production are processed into granulate in mills and pressed into blocks at high temperature and under high pressure. The material is cut into sheets and further processed into boards and panels.

Part of the production is fi nished with a layer of cork veneer. Finally the cork fl ooring is given a high quality fi nish. You have the choice of hot-air-dried hard wax oil, water-based varnish, UV-cured PU varnish.



Printable cork parquet
product information



nature appeals with its granulate structures and natural, solid cork surface.


With format you can experience the variety of hand-veneered cork parquet. As individual as nature itself.


step gives you a choice of nine different designs. The shades range from cream to snow-white.



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