Press release July 30, 2006

Cork - Trendsetter for health-conscious building owners

25 million Germans suffer from back pain, and many others are afflicted with ailments of the joints between the feet and the pelvis. The health of the locomotive apparatus is becoming more important, giving the topic of "healthy living" and the right flooring a health-promoting and preventive role.

Modern cork flooring has become more popular with building owners because cork is a 100% natural product. The material is warm, elastic under foot, and is especially easy on the joints. Always pleasant to walk on, the sensation is heightened when barefoot. A slightly rough surface provides even more walking comfort. That the cork flooring also has an anti-allergic and anti-static effect is a welcome side effect that reinforces the healthy image of this flooring still further.


The test result of the consumer magazine "Íkotest" (issue 7/2004), which graded the flooring as "very good", provides up-to-date proof of the excellent quality of the "Cortex Spezial/Natur 1040 B" cork parquet. It certifies that no formaldehyde emanates from this flooring. Phenol emissions are also not detectible: This resulted in an Íkotest evaluation of the flooring as "very good" for chemical contents, too.

According to Íko-Test, the "Cork logo" is a guarantee of maximum reliability and basic quality standards regarding the emission of noxious substances. The logo proves that products bearing it are subject to continuous inspection (e.g. by the Eco-Institute in Cologne).


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