Press release July 07, 2004

"ÍKO-TEST" magazine rates cork flooring from Cortex as "very good"

Allergies, colds, rheumatism - experience and statistical evidence show that "healthy building and healthy homes" are a growing concern. Reputable brand name producers such as Cortex Korkvertriebs GmbH are responding to this trend with thorough material testing to further improve quality. The same goes for independent test institutes that award certificates and certification marks according to strict criteria. The results of these quality tests are borne out by customer interest and sometimes also by special distinctions. The test result published by the "Íko-Test" magazine (7/2004 issue) provides the latest proof of the quality of the Cortex Special/Nature 1040 B cork parquet because it rated it "very good".

For example, the results obtained by "Íko-Test" for Cortex Special/Nature 1040 B flooring certify that no formaldehyde is emitted from the flooring. No phenol emissions were found either, which resulted in a "very good" for the category component substances. The rating for preparation of the materials by Cortex for optimum laying was also excellent. The density (the denser, the more stable) was 491 kilograms per cubic metre, giving Cortex the second best value among all competitors and the dimensions (e.g. thickness) also correctly matched the manufacturer's specifications. Testing the exact dimensions and angles of the tiles, important for precise laying, did not result in any significant non-conformances on the part of Cortex. As far as flat lying goes, Cortex Special/Nature 1040 B flooring was absolutely up to standard. Buckling of tiles when heat was applied to the floor was minimal.


That Cortex was also rated as excellent in the labelling of its own products is a special distinction. Because correct "labelling" was an aspect that Íko-Test criticized about many products in its explanation of the test results, although comprehensive and accurate labelling is actually a legal requirement.

According to Íko-Test, the best possible assurance that basic noxious substance emission quality standards are met is provided by the "Cork label", which certifies that these products are subjected to continuous quality control (e.g. by the Eco-Institut in Cologne, Germany).


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