Cortex SecuShield XT


News June. 06, 2008


All around perfect – good looks are included


If a building constructor is asked what he considers the most important criteria for a floor covering, the answer is given quite rapidly: durability, resilience, sturdiness and, easy installation. If he is asked further then he will add good looks, easy maintenance and health improving aspects to the list. There, most floor coverings fall through the cracks. Except for modern cork floor coverings that fulfill all of the mentioned aspects and, thanks to the new surface sealing SecuShield XT, even convince with the best scratch and wear resistance rates.

The surface sealing SecuShield XT is based on a ceramic substance with nanoparticles which makes for a durable and effective protection for the floor. In addition to the special resilience all natural aspects of the warm, elastic and easy-on-the-joints cork flooring are maintained.

Cork floors with SecuShield XT are therefore especially suited for the living area, the hallway with heavily frequented “runways” but also for the home office and the children’s room. Kids especially put the floor to the test quite often which, as a high quality brand product, it should survive long-term without a lot of maintenance effort. And the parents are even more glad that the anti-static and anti-allergic characteristics of the floor are fully maintained.

This SecuShield XT is the result of consistent refinement of a floor covering that meets even the highest customer expectations and that is now ideally suited as floor covering for prestigious commercial buildings: The abrasion resistance is at 8.800 turns according to DIN EN 14354 and what is more, the scratch-resistance convinces with 1,60 N according to EN 438.

Moreover, floor coverings with SecuShield XT are adjudicated excellent safety features. They are attributed to slip resistance class DS according to DIN 14041. The flammability (Dfl,st according to nF EN 13501-1) is quite impressive as well and ranks in the list of positive features as well as the impact sound insulation, sound conduction or thermal resistance.

For floor coverings of the Akzent series that are offered with SecuShield XT, Cortex gives a warranty of 15 years in the living area.

The advantages of SecuShield XT

  • More resilient than all comparable cork floor coverings.
  • SecuShield XT comes with a matte sealing which preserves the natural structures of the cork and visible.
  • The extraordinary slip-resistance and the anti-slip effect increase the safety of walking.
  • The UV protection has significantly improved; the floor covering will keep its original color longer.
  • The warmth of the cork floor and its elasticity are maintained as much as the health improving advantages.
  • Cork floors with SecuShield XT are resistant against dirt, shoe prints and pollution.

Structure of the cork floor with SecuShield XT (from top to bottom):

  • Secushield XT
  • Cork veneer
  • Flexible insulating cork layer
  • HDF carrier plate
  • Insulating cork underlay

Structure of the sealing SecuShield XT:

  • Lacquer layer
  • Ceramic lacquer layer
  • Lacquer layer
  • Ceramic lacquer layer
  • Lacquer layer
  • Adhesion base



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