Parquet or "glueless" floating parquet?

Our solutions also aim to give you an impression of the many things you can do with cork and linoleum. Where possible, cork parquet should be laid by a professional. It is a floor that offers a wide variety of patterns, shapes, and colours and infinite scope for your ideas. By contrast, you can easily fit cork and linoleum floating parquet yourself. And just wait till you see their enchanting natural beauty and the wide spectrum of different finishes and colours.




Individual solutions for your home

So you're looking for the ideal flooring for your child's bedroom, for the kitchen or bathroom? Or perhaps you're considering renovating your living room? No problem. Whatever your project, Cortex cork and linoleum floors are the recommended solution for the entire house. But what is the best floor for a particular room? And how should you treat the surface? Take some inspiration from our suggestions. You're bound to find your favourite floor among the wide range of colours, patterns and finishes available.



Cortex - Solutions



Living and dining rooms

Child's bedroom








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