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Welcoming colours and designs for your hall

The hall is the entrance to your house or flat, and where visitors get their first impression. Because many halls have little daylight, they are often designed using light and friendly shades to compensate. But the hall has many other functions. It provides a transition between the outside world and your own four walls. Anyone who enters your house or flat has to pass through it. So it will receive its fair share of dirt, sand, water and mud from outside. It is that sort of heavy wear and tear that your hall floor will have to withstand.

Cork parquet with a PU or water-based sealant is the perfect answer to this kind of heavy wear. Because a surface sealant provides reliable protection. Our "glueless" floating parquet floors Symphony plus and Akzent are also an excellent choice for hall floors. They are simple and easy to maintain. When cleaning becomes necessary, simply wipe over the floor with a damp cloth, to return its sparkle. The light, warm shades provide the perfect welcome to your visitors. And if you prefer brighter colours, why not light a real firework display of colours with our linoleum "glueless" floating parquet Vivace.



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