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A feel-good floor for your kitchen

Modern kitchens are places for communication and pleasure. This is where the family congregates, where you chat, wash up, laugh, cook with friends, debate and enjoy your favourite meals. So it's no surprise that the trend is definitely towards large spacious kitchens - beautifully designed and very comfortable, with the latest technical equipment.

So it goes without saying that the demands on kitchen floors are also greater. Not only does the floor have to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, it should also skilfully accentuate the style of the kitchen. To make your family and guests feel at home. Cork and linoleum floors are a real asset to your kitchen. Not only visually. Because as true feel-good floors they are warmer and softer than conventional tile or natural stone floors. So they are kind to the joints. And if you do just happen to drop a cup it will not necessarily break. Our cork parquet color is the perfect match for the cosy atmosphere of your kitchen. It is also available with bevelled edges in tile design - in many beautiful colours. To protect the cork surface from water and powerful cleaning agents, simply seal the floor with a two-pot water-based varnish. It will then give you many years of joy.

If you would prefer to lay your own kitchen floor we recommend our cork "glueless" floating parquets Akzent or Symphony plus with a PU or water-based varnish finish. They are attractive, easy to care for and extremely hardwearing. Just like our linoleum "glueless" floating parquet. Its cheery array of hues will bring colour to your life and kitchen.



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