Child's bedroom


Cortex-Böden im Kinderzimmer


The ideal floor for your child's bedroom - natural, hard-wearing and healthy

The floor is where most activity takes place in children's rooms. This is where they paint and draw, rollick, run and play to their heart's content. Spilled fruit juice or paints - our hard-wearing cork floors such as glued parquet nature/special, for instance, will put up with almost anything. And the numerous tiny air-filled pockets in cork mean that it is always warm underfoot. Which makes playing on the floor real fun. Moreover, its excellent impact sound absorption properties will swallow up all that jumping and running about. And you won't jump out of your skin when the playing gets loud.

Whether you prefer cork parquet or "glueless" floating cork parquet, oiled or waxed surfaces enhance the natural beauty of our cork floors particularly well. But the floor in your child's room should not only be pleasing to the eye and hard-wearing, it should also be natural and hygienic. And because they are good for the environment and your health, our tested cork floors are the recommended choice. That's why they have been awarded the cork logo - the recognised seal of quality for cork.

If you want to lay your own floor, either cork "glueless" floating parquet - for example Akzent - or a linoleum "glueless" floating parquet is the right choice. Linoleum has a lower cork content but it has many positive properties to compensate: it is an eco-friendly, natural and sound-absorbing material. The friendly colours and bright and breezy decorative tiles of Linocor, our linoleum floating parquet, will turn any child's room into a colourful playground. And will stand up to the daily rough and tumble of your kids' games.



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