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Stylish designs for your living and dining rooms

The living and dining room, like the kitchen, are the hub of family activity. This is where the children play while they are still young. It's here that you sit with friends, eat, watch TV, chat, read or lounge on the sofa. And because this is the place where we spend so much of our time and most enjoy being, we pay particular attention to our living room and dining room furnishings.

Together with the furniture the floor defines the atmosphere and style of a room. Whether you prefer elegant, cosy, modern, classic, or antique furnishings, our versatile cork and linoleum floors will perfectly match your own very personal style. Hand-veneered cork parquets such as format and step will impress you with their variety of different structures and surfaces. Our cork parquet color offers a wide choice of colours and patterns. You can even obtain a tiling effect with bevelled edges. Whatever you choose, your cork parquet will make you want to spend time there. And for those who occasionally like to lie on the floor, its warm and silky soft surface will be much appreciated.

But our cork "glueless" floating parquet floors Akzent and Symphony plus, too, are ideally suited for living and eating areas. And if you are looking for a linoleum floor as a low-cost alternative, we think you'll really like the colour range of our linoleum "glueless" floating parquets.



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