Linoleum ingredients

Linseed oil
Wood flour
Powdered cork
Ground limestone
Natural resin


Linoleum - natural and ecological

Linoleum, like cork, is an entirely natural product. It was developed by the Englishman Fredrick Walton over 150 years ago. This floor covering, which is produced industrially, is made of natural renewable raw materials. Just as it always has been.

Natural ingredients

Linoleum consists of around 60 percent filler and about 40 percent binder. The main constituent of the binder is linseed oil. This is obtained from flax. So linoleum takes its name from the Latin for oil of flax: lini oleum.
Fillers used in linoleum include wood flour and powdered cork. The wood flour gives the material strength. Powdered cork lends it elasticity. To these are added ground limestone, natural resin and pigments. All the ingredients are combined to form a soft compound, which is then pressed onto hessian. Now the linoleum is left to season for several weeks in the drying chamber. What emerges is an environmentally sound, versatile floor covering - with many excellent properties.
Zu den Füllstoffen des Linoleums zählen Holzmehl und Korkmehl. Das Holzmehl gibt dem Material seine Festigkeit. Korkmehl sorgt für Elastizität. Hinzu kommen noch Kalksteinmehl, Naturharze und Farbpigmente. All diese Inhaltsstoffe werden zu einer weichen Masse verarbeitet, die mit hohem Druck auf ein Jutegewebe gepresst wird. Jetzt muss das Linoleum nur noch einige Wochen in der Trockenkammer reifen. Und fertig ist ein umweltfreundlicher, vielseitiger Bodenbelag - mit vielen guten Eigenschaften.

A material with many assets

Linoleum is a very eco-friendly product. It requires little energy to manufacture. Any waste from production can be reused without any problem. What's more, the product is fully biodegradable. But linoleum has many other assets: This material really excels in daily use. It is extremely robust, long-lasting, easy to care for and very hygienic due to its antibacterial properties. But best of all: our modern linoleum parquet floors are suitable for a whole range of different styles and colour schemes. And they always look good.



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