Where cork oaks thrive...

Cork oaks like it sunny, dry and warm. All year round. That's why they are only to be found growing within a narrow belt in the Mediterranean region - along the west coast of Portugal, Spain and Italy, the northern tip of Africa, and the southern European Mediterranean coasts.

The world's number one cork producer is Portugal. With a 54 % share of the world's cork output. Almost a third of Portugal's total land surface is covered in cork oaks.

History and tradition

Cork is not a modern discovery. Cork cultivation has a centuries-old tradition. The ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks were already aware of cork's usefulness as a material for wine and oil bottle stoppers. It was also used for the soles of sandals, buoys for fishing nets, and for insulating freezing chambers and house roofs, etc.

By about 1300, cork was already one of Portugal's most important export products. And a royal decree controlled harvests and protected valuable cork oaks from over-exploitation.

Care and quality

Even today, Cork harvesting is still subject to strict regulations in many countries. Not only to protect this valuable natural resource, but also to maintain consistently high quality. That's one good reason we obtain the cork we use for our top-quality floors from large cork plantations in Spain, Portugal and other countries. Moreover, by guaranteeing sales of cork we contribute to the conservation and preservation of one of Europe's oldest crops. Thus, the cork oak's wide lush crown will go on thriving for a long time to come. And continue to captivate the beholder with their beauty.



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