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Press release 29.08.2007


“Akzent” in “Red” is a sure winner

The colour red brings happiness and joie de vivre. It promotes energy and activity. One basic rule of interior design: “warm shades of red make for a cosy ambience”, which explains why so many home-owners and home-improvers choose cork “glueless” floating parquet with the elegant look of natural stone or tiles.

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Press release April 30, 2007

Cork floors are particularly suitable for feng shui

Feng shui makes for harmony between man and his living environment, and helps achieve happiness, health, prosperity and wellbeing.

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Press release July 30, 2006

Cortex ÍKOTEST sehr gut

Cork - Trendsetter for health-conscious building owners

25 million Germans suffer from back pain, and many others are afflicted with ailments of the joints between the feet and the pelvis. The health of the locomotive apparatus is becoming more important, giving the topic of "healthy living" and the right flooring a health-promoting and preventive role.

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