Spiritual centre Schloss Schwanberg, Lower Franconia

Cortex cork parquet natur

Surface area covered: 800 m2

Color: natural

Sealed with: water-based varnish with 4% white pigments

Year: 2002


Spiritual centre Schloss Schwanberg, Lower Franconia


Geistliches Zentrum Schloss Schwanberg

Geistliches Zentrum Schloss Schwanberg


A natural floor cover for intensive use

At the spiritual centre in the castle of Schwanberg in Lower Franconia, anyone seeking a place for reflection is welcome. The protestant women's order Casteller Ring offers its meeting place for contemplation, meditation courses, and much more. What type of flooring could be more suitable for a place of contemplation than our especially sound-absorbing cork? So during the conversion work in summer 2002, the local company Fußbodenbau Rüttger from nearby Iphofen was chosen to lay a total of 800 square metres of glue-down cork flooring in the rooms of the meeting centre.

CORTEX's natur cork parquet was glued directly onto the old sub-floor, a cement screed. Theodor Rüttger, a parquetry master craftsman and managing director of Rüttger Fußbodenbau GmbH, explains what is special about the floor at Schloss Schwanberg: "Most customers today want ecologically sound building materials. So cork is naturally the best choice. We sealed the natural coloured cork with an eco-friendly water-based varnish mixed with a four-percent white pigment component. The surface structure of the cork parquet that shines through the varnish coating lends this floor its unmistakable appearance." It took six weeks to lay the floor and give the entire surface including the skirting its perfect finish.

Cork for intensive use

Theodor Rüttger particularly recommends cork floors if the customer is looking for a solution that is both easy to care for and hard-wearing. "A typical example is the child's bedroom", he explained. "If something falls onto a wooden parquet, it's likely to dent. But cork is springy and resists damage despite almost any kind of wear and tear."



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