Erwin Schöner, Zell am Harmersbach

Cortex cork parquet color

Colour: crème


Surface area covered:
220 m2

Year: 2002


Erwin Schöner, Zell am Harmersbach


Fa. Erwin Schöner


Fa. Erwin Schöner


Floors made of cork get wide coverage

On March 24, 2002, Susanne and Erwin Schöner opened their new salesrooms in Zell am Harmersbach commercial park. This company, specializing in floor coverings and old floor renovation, makes half its sales in glue-down and "glueless" floating cork parquets from CORTEX.

As soon as you enter the salesrooms of Susanne und Erwin you expect to hear your heals resounding on what looks for all the world like a stone floor. Anyone who knows about flooring, can tell from the very first step that they've got cork under their feet. Instead of stone tiles, the Schöner couple have laid a glued cork floor with a tile look - CORTEX cork parquet color, in crème with bevelled edges. It combines the elegance of a stone floor with the pleasant sound-absorbing qualities of cork. And those first steps into the new shop are also a good selling point. "If our customers notice that we even lay cork flooring in our salesrooms that will convince them of the high quality and durability or this natural product", explains Susanne. "So we are doing our bit to counter the prejudices that some DIY shops have created by selling cheap cork flooring".

Creating the right impression

One of the main reasons for giving cork flooring such wide coverage in the salesrooms was to give the customer a much better impression than you could ever get from sample panels. Of course, not every sample can be as large as this 220 square metre floor - but even the two square metre sample panels showing the various CORTEX cork qualities and colours give customers a very good idea of how the floor they have chosen could one day look in their own home.

"Many customers are simply amazed that cork does not have to be cork coloured but is available in the many other colours of the CORTEX range", Susanne Schöner explains. More than a few people have come in intending to lay wood parquet but then chose cork because of the variety. Whereas Erwin and Susanne Schöner recommend "glueless" floating parquet" to amateur do-it-yourselfers who want to lay their own floor, the best choice, they say, for a professionally laid floor is glue-down cork.



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