"Perlboot" Nursery in Gera, Germany

Cortex cork parquet spezial 1143-X

Colour: brown

Wear layer: 4 mm

Treated with: hard wax oil

Year: 1999


"Perlboot" Nursery in Gera, Germany


Kindertagesstätte Perlboot

The design was based on the Nautilus Pompilius


Kindertagesstätte Perlboot

Linoleum and cork as flooring

Kindertagesstätte Perlboot

Cortex cork parquet with a hard wax
surface in the foyer


"Perlboot" ecology-bound

In Lusan, a suburb of the German city of Gera, a building for a nursery school has been constructed in the shape of the shell of the "Nautilus pompilius". The common name for this sea creature in German is "Perlboot", which has become the name for this institution that was largely constructed using natural building materials such as wood, clay, and cork.

This ecological project goes back to 1997. The floor insulation, for example, was financed by collecting cork wine bottle stoppers. Of course, use of natural building materials did not stop at the floor: linoleum has been laid in the hall, whereas in the classrooms and the cellar, wood and cork parquet have been used, the latter being also the preferred material for the foyer, where its robustness is really put to the test.

Architect Dr. Hoffmann gives reasons for her choice: "The children should be allowed to experience different natural materials to feel a floor in its most natural form. Warmth increases in degrees from linoleum, through wood, to cork. And it's cork that children like most as a floor for playing and sitting on."

The CORTEX cork parquet used, "spezial" 1143-X, is four millimetres thick, so it will live up to the heavy treatment of a nursery school and can be renovated, if necessary. The 60 x 30 centimetre tiles with a medium coarse structure were laid by the Gera company Arlt - Ökologische Bausysteme. Once the subfloor had been levelled and primed, the cork tiles were glued down with dispersion contact adhesive. The new parquet was then treated with hard wax oil which underlines the natural character of the cork surface. The hard oil soaks deeply into the cork pores while the wax component is distributed across the surface giving the floor a natural shine. So CORTEX cork surface treatments prove durable and abrasion-resistant. They preserve the open-pore structure of the cork floor, which contributes to a healthy climatic environment in the "Perlboot".



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