Holzland Link + Becker, Bibergemünd

Cortex cork parquet "step"

Colour: marble / blue

Bevelled edges

Surface covered:
approx. 200 m2

Thickness: 4 mm

Sealed with:
Water-based varnish

Year: 1999


Holzland Link + Becker, Bibergemünd


Link und Becker


Link und Becker


Coloured cork tiles for a decorative display

A decorative display will enhance the presentation of your products. Choosing the right flooring is not just for flooring vendors. At Holzland Link + Becker, a blue cork parquet floor with bevelled edges lends the showrooms a touch of class.

Link + Becker supply different flooring covers such as wood flooring planks, cork, "glueless" floating parquets, natural wood floors, linoleum and laminate flooring, timber doors, panelling and timber for use in the garden. Driven by the need to expand its door display, the company decided to extend its showrooms from 400 to 600 square metres. The work began mid 1999.

A touch of class

Several alternatives were discussed before the final choice of flooring was made. "We thought that synthetic material would be too sterile and carpeting, not decorative enough", Engelbert Link summed up. "Wood parquet was not suitable because of the low ceilings and laminate was ruled out because of sound problems." So Link + Becker chose a natural material like cork: also a clever sales move for a wood dealer that supplies this type of flooring itself. Cortex cork parquet "step" was therefore laid in marble/ blue over a 200 square metre area: a decorative eye-catcher.

Engelbert Link points out: "This shade of blue harmonizes especially well with our decor that is limited to the colours white, grey and red." To give the floor that final touch, Link + Becker used bevelled cork tiles. That gave this timber dealer's showrooms a really classy appearance. The brown edges in combination with the blue surface make for a particularly individual effect.

Hardwearing floor for heavy use

The cork floor "step" lives up to the need for a hardwearing floor that has to contend with the daily onslaught of visitors and customers. Two layers of the water-based varnish "brilliant" were applied to achieve a particularly high-quality and hardwearing surface. The surface was finished off with a layer of WS 2 K 971 two-pot water-based varnish as the final sealant. Ensuring that Holzland Link + Becker will get many years of enjoyment from their cork parquet.



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