Stäbler & Stäbler Hair Salon, Berlin

Cortex cork parquet format, Decking style

Surface covered: 94 m2

Colours: bordeaux-cinnamon, pink, black

Wear layer: 4 mm

Sealed with: water-based varnish

Year: 2004


Stäbler & Stäbler Hair Salon, Berlin


Stäbler & Stäbler

Lettering inlayed in the parquet


Stäbler & Stäbler


Cork parquet for Figaro

Wash, cut, blow-dry and styling — all familiar services provided by our hairdresser. But at Stäbler & Stäbler Wella hair salon in Berlin, it's also worth glancing down at the floor. Here, the firm Kork & Co. designed a beautiful floor using CORTEX cork parquet.

Design in bordeaux-cinnamon and pink

It was estimated that the refurbishment of hair salon Stäbler & Stäbler in Berlin-Tegel in November 2003 would take four days. As soon as the last client had left, the old flooring was removed and work on the new floor began. CORTEX cork parquet in decking style was laid over a surface of 95 square metres in the salon and across to the beauty parlour. CORTEX custom-coloured the cork parquet in bordeaux-cinnamon and pink to achieve design effects the customer had requested. "Kork & Co." manufactured the black border themselves. The firm designed border inlays based on the fixtures planned by the architect and prepared it for quick laying. One special feature: the signature Stäbler & Stäbler was cut out twice by water jet and neatly inlayed in the parquet. Because hair is sharper than most other objects, they can easily cut into the floor when swept up. So it was imperative to seal the cork floor three times with a high-quality two-pot varnish and care for it correctly.

Comfort while standing

Kork & Co has obtained a good reference with the design of its first Wella hair salon. Master cutters Gordon and lsabell Stäbler were particularly pleased with the design and the way colours reflecting their taste could be incorporated. But there is an added benefit for the hairdressing trade: its elasticity makes cork unique. This flooring is not only recommended by orthopaedic specialists, hairdressers can really feel the extra comfort when they have to stand on their feet all day.



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