Municipal nursery Behringersdorf

Cortex cork parquet natur 1048 B

Surface covered: 469 m2

Colour: brown

Wear layer: 5 mm

Sealed with: hard oil

Year: 1998


Municipal nursery Behringersdorf


Gemeindekindergarten Behringersdorf

The foyer is the central meeting place in the nursery.



Gemeindekindergarten Behringersdorf

"The sitting circle"


Life on the floor

50 children aged between three and six years are lovingly cared for in the municipal nursery school of Behringersdorf, Germany. Before the makeover, this local nursery had already been running for 25 years, so refurbishment was deemed necessary. Kveta Wiesner, the nursery's supervisor, looks back: "in the old days, the school had PVC flooring and wall-to-wall carpeting. Our experience shows that allergies are on the increase, so for the makeover we chose natural cork flooring."

The needs of children in mind

In the municipal nursery school everything revolves around the question, "What does a child need?". So the classrooms have been adapted to the needs of children; they are simply equipped and laid out. Cork in rich brown tones has a calming effect.
"Child prefer to play on the floor. So, true to our philosophy 'Life on the floor', we sit in a circle on the ground. Cork is a comfortably warm natural element and very well suited for life on the floor. It also has sound absorbing properties. Children cannot protect themselves from their own noise. We grown-ups have to see to that", is how Kveta Wiesner explains her decision to fit a cork floor.

Quality: Suitable for the application

Fachhaus-Beck restored the floor, a company that belongs to the Heimdecor chain of specialist shops. Once the old flooring had been removed the subfloor was cleaned, primed and levelled. Cork parquet was laid over a surface of 469 m2. The Beck installers used cork parquet 1048-B made by Cortex: The 30 by 30 cm tiles with their five millimetre wear layer and high weight by volume are particularly suited to use in a nursery. To meet the heavy wear and tear, Beck chose the three-layer hard oil finish. Which makes this natural floor even more durable. The makeover was completed in three months. "Our children have fully accepted the new cork floor. That they enjoy playing on it is proof of that. The noise level is much lower, too", Kveta Wiesner concludes.



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