Protection and care


To get the most out of your floor for many years to come, you should take care of it correctly from the outset. the Cortex range of maintenance products is perfectly matched to our floors.

We especially recommend our line of care products for oiled and lacquered surfaces as an all-round, easy package (which includes a wet mop) for the initial and regular care of your new floor.

- Cortex Finish as initial care for long-lasting protection
  against humidity

- Cortex Polish added to the mop water for regular care

- lobacare neutral Cleaner added to the mop water for
  regular cleaning

- lobacare Wax remover for thorough cleaning

- Care products for varnish as a complete package, incl.
  finish, polish, neutral cleaner and a mop




Cortex Zubehör

Cortex Zubehör



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