Press release 29.08.2007

“Akzent” in “Red” is a sure winner

The colour red brings happiness and joie de vivre. It promotes energy and activity. One basic rule of interior design: “warm shades of red make for a cosy ambience”, which explains why so many home-owners and home-improvers choose cork “glueless” floating parquet with the elegant look of natural stone or tiles.

“Glueless” floating cork parquet Akzent puts elegance at your feet. Its slightly shiny surface gives it a refined and elegant appearance. Warm earth colours make it a sure winner, particular the red shades which are an ideal choice for creating exclusive design. Moreover, this “glueless” floating cork parquet has been sealed many times over with UV-cured SecuShield varnish, making it extremely durable, even when heavily used.

Trendsetting choices for cork parquet are Bordeaux with the “rustico” structure, which Cortex offers in its “Color” range. This high quality flooring has been painstakingly dyed by hand and is available in twelve shades, four décors and four formats. With its bevelled edges, this cork flooring has the appearance of a stone or tile floor. But underfoot it is warm, soft and infinitely more comfortable.



Cork parquet from the “Color” range is the answer if you are looking for colour, in this case, “Bordeaux” surface finish with the “rustico” structure.




Warm shades of red make for a cosy ambience – cork “glueless” floating parquet by Cortex is sealed many times over with UV-cured SecuShield varnish to ensure resistance to abrasion and scratching.


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