Press release April 30, 2007

Cork floors are particularly suitable for
feng shui

Feng shui makes for harmony between man and his living environment, and helps achieve happiness, health, prosperity and wellbeing. Like traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui is based on the principles of the polarities yin and yang, which represent the primal forces of the elements of nature (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). These five elements and their relationships with each other are manifested, for example, in colour, shape, taste and emotions. That is why even minimal changes in the right place and the correct choice of flooring can enhance harmony and living in interiors.

Flooring made from nature's product "cork" can actively support feng shui. It is kind to joints, has anti-static and anti-allergic properties and is therefore health promoting. Warm colours and natural surface structures also guarantee best possible living quality and comfort in houses and homes. Cork parquet "Natur 1040 B" made by Cortex is an ideal example of this support: It shows how the health-promoting and natural properties of modern cork floors can be combined with the principles of feng shui. This is confirmed by the German consumer magazine "Ökotest", which has graded this flooring as "very good" and also published the test results in the current annual edition of its magazine (ÖKO-TEST Jahrbuch Bauen, Wohnen, Renovieren für 2006).





When it comes to selecting colours for floors, it is the current interior design trends that dictate choice. Yellow, grass-green, blue and orange have a calming effect. Also popular are light and cheerful basic colours that are interspersed at specific points by more dominant colours. Light and warm hues are also a good choice for flooring and - like the rest of the room - should not be too fussy. Too many different structures, marked colour combinations, dominant colours in living areas or bright red in bedrooms should be avoided. The same applies to tapering-off surfaces on walls or on the floor which interfere with the harmony of the interior.

Finally, remember that it is fun to design your interiors according to feng shui principles because they are compatible with personal taste and individual needs and noticeably promote wellbeing within your own four walls.


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