News Aug 03, 2006

Cork flooring by Cortex - there's nothing better for kids

For playing, living and sleeping - cork flooring is healthy and hardwearing. It impresses with attractive colours and is ideal for a child's bedroom.

There are different ideas about the right flooring for a child's bedroom. The right colour is important. It should also be natural and good for children, warm under foot, hygienic, elastic and quiet, and non-slip and shock-proof, but above all healthy. The best, and perhaps the only, complete solution for these demands is "cork" because cork is a unique natural product that is almost unbeatable for living comfort and healthy living. Moreover, cork flooring pleases with its natural colours and surfaces.

In a child's bedroom, most of the action is on the floor. That is where energetic children crawl, run, roll and play. If a glass is dropped on a cork floor, it usually remains intact without making a mark on the floor. Sufficient protection against minor accidents with liquids, spilt juice or paints in the nursery is provided by the excellent sealing that meets the demands of a modern household. Hardwearing cork flooring will withstand almost everything. It even passes the load test in areas in which long-term resistance to abrasion and scratching is important because Cortex has been offering cork flooring with a robust surface with Secu-Shield for a number of months, which is suitable for the more heavily used living areas, including the nursery.

More living value with the natural product "cork"

So what is responsible for the extreme comfort and quality of life offered by cork? Millions of small air pockets in cork (30 million per cm3) ensure the floor is always elastic, offers pleasantly warm surface temperatures, feels comfortable and ensures enhanced living quality. Cork flooring looks warmer than tiles, is more natural than PVC, easier to look after than carpet, more elastic than wood and softer than laminate.





Cork floors are even warm in winter because cork is a good thermal insulator and most cork floors - at least those offered by Cortex - are also suitable for underfloor heating. So, obviously these floorings have health-preserving advantages. They have anti-allergic and anti-static properties and anyone who has walked on cork with bare feet will have noticed how easy it is on the joints. Because the elasticity of the floor provides a pleasant walking experience that is good for the foot and hip joints in the long term.

Variable design with attractive colours, structures and shapes

Of course, the most important thing is that the children feel comfortable in their room, that the colours are right and stimulate the kids to play creatively. The trend is currently for natural colours that are combined with clear colour accents. Cork floors can be variably designed with different colours, shapes and structures, although most people choose a basic colour and an eye-catching secondary colour. The choice of surfaces for children's bedrooms is also wide and Cortex offers the best possible quality standards in this area. Its cork floors are available with untreated, oiled or waxed surfaces. Long flooring life is ensured by excellent care products that have been specially developed for cork flooring.

The "cork logo" as a seal of quality

Modern cork flooring is ideal for a child's bedroom. But before making a choice, it is wise to consult a specialist. There are enormous differences in the quality of cork flooring available which are not always apparent at first sight. The "cork logo" offers the certainty that the basic quality standards have been met, confirms the basic quality criteria for each floor and proves that the products are subject to constant quality control (e.g. by the Eco-Institut in Cologne).


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