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News Feb. 21, 2006

SecuLock - improved protection against moisture

Modern cork floors are already well protected against the ingress of moisture. But experience has shown that the moisture still may get in at the edges if low-quality material is used in production or if substandard processing diminishes the durability of the edges.

Cork flooring suffers most when too much water is used in the cleaning process, allowing moisture to enter. To provide protection against unwanted swelling, Cortex now offers improved edge impregnation called "SecuLock" which guarantees long-term protection and a perfect finish for all edges and floors.

The protective effect of SecuLock is achieved by an effective layer of paraffin oil that affords optimum protection for the substrate and top cork layer. And, in the case of modern click joints, there is an added benefit: the oil layer makes it easier to slot together the planks, making installation even simpler.



Just how effective the paraffin oil layer is once floors have been laid is proven by the latest tests that demonstrate that click joints protected by new paraffin oil layer and exposed to moisture for 24 hours do not swell up as much and offer better long-term resistance than joints that have not benefited from this treatment.

So floors and edges treated with SecuLock are far less likely to be spoilt or damaged by frequent mopping with too much water. So look out for the new SecuLock logo on Cortex products. Because the long life of a floor surface and edges is greatly improved and the perfect finish of your cork floor will last for many years to come.

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